RTD communication

The communication of your expertise or of your research project  to clients or to the public enhances your visibility and strenghthens your competitiveness.

tp21 implements
all your communication and technology marketing activities such as:

  • conception and realization of scientific catalogues
  • promotion flyers
  • public websites
  • restricted web based platforms 
  • exhibitions, conferences, workshops, summer schools and training measures
  • videos on scientific/technological projects


We would be happy to support your communication activities.


Workshops and Summer Schools

Workshop on Nanotechnology for Food Industry


Exhibition at Nanoworld at Hannover Industry Fair

Demonstration Center Nanobiotechnology Saarbrücken

Project Videos


Fully integrated real time multi-wavelengthphotoacoustics for early disease detection

View Video

Brochures and Catalogues

 As long as on stock, we send a free brochure on request.

Flyers and booklets related to EU-funded research projects

Diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory and arthritic diseases using a combined approach based on ultrasound, optoacoustic and hyperspectral imaging


Blood-brain barrier JUnctionS as Targets for paracellular drug delivery to the BRAIN.


Genome-based biomarkers leading to validated molecular diagnostic tests for response prediction in breast cancer


Multimodal Skin Inspection with Hybrid Acoustic & Optical Spectroscopic Imaging


Creation of a critical and commented database on the health, safety and environmental impact of nanoparticles


Identification and validation of new breast cancer biomarkers based on integrated metabolomics


CellProgramming by Nanoscaled Devices


Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer using optoacoustic detection of biologically functionalized gold nanoparticles - A new Integreated Biosensor System


Molecular-oriented detection and treatment of minimal residual disease


Cellular Interaction and Toxicology with Engineered Nanoparticles


Catalogues of the Saarland Network of Excellence on Nanobiotechnology, NanoBioNet

Kompetenznetzwerk NanoBiotechnologie

Saarland's Network of Excellence on Nanobiotechnology Know-how of partners from universities, research institutes and industry

Catalogues of the European Network of Excellence Nano2Life

Technology offers and requests

Guidelines for the IP Assets Management in the Nano Bio sector

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